Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well, I am alive and well and am in NY :)
I was hoping to be able to keep up with my 30 days of creativity but we have been doing soooooo much every day and have had absolutely no time at all! The spare moments have been spent trying to get sleep and adjust to USA time.

We started off in Chicago and were there for 3 days. We did a walking tour of the amazing architecture around the city and visited the Art Institute of Chicago all in one day while still jet lagged and super tired... Was a very hectic day but enjoyable.

Day 2 we had a free morning so Mr Peck and i went for a walk along the lakefront to Navy Pier and went for a feriswheel ride. Then went to visit some Andrew Lloyd wright Houses including the Robie house. Was very interesting! That night we went to the Signature room in the Hancock building which had an Amazing veiw!!!

Then today we went and saw a few more Wright houses and then hopped on the plane for the short trip to NY.

We just went to eat at Dos Caminos and once again came back Stuffffed!! Servings are so big here!

Sorry for not having photos, I haven't downloaded them yet and I am writing from my iPod! Will try and get some up for you soon.

Tomorrow we are doing a general tour on NY... Can't wait!

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