Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 16: Pompom Owl & Shopping overload

Today was a day of shopping and shopping and lots of spending of money which was fun, but not really.
We were getting all the little things that we need for our trip to USA! (yipee, leaving next week) 

I got some material which I'm excited about because it cost me $4 a meter and is so cute! I am planning to make some t-shirts and a maxi-skirt... possibly not before we leave though :( but I will try and at least get the skirt done. The coral will be the skirt and the other two t-shirts... or possibly skirts too. I love stripes at the moment!

I also got some cute shorts from Jeans West that I have been looking at for a while and seeing as it will hopefully be short weather in USA these should be perfect :) The green things are undies hehe. Got them from  Best & Less which I usually don't go into but they were cheap and look like good quality and comfy material. I'm pretty particular about my undies.. Always go for comfort over lace and usually buy Bonds, but lately I find Bonds are really thin and don't wear great,  plus they are ridiculously priced ($15 + a pair). So we'll see how I got with these! At $5, they were a bargain anyway...  

The other Hippy thing you see there is the bag I bought! I don't have me a suitcase and didn't want a boring, grey number so I went completely opposite and got this super bright Roxy bag. It's really light and pretty much like a duffle bag on wheels, so here's hoping it wears well.

And now, today's creation -  

I was pintersting on pinterest. Which is a bad bad daily habit and I didn't take my own advice and I signed up for a pinterest account.  You should go follow me on there too if you want! Aaanyway, moral of the story - I found a cuuute little pompom owl and decided to make one too. The original tutorial is from here.

1. Wrap yarn around two pompom maker thingy bobs - I just cut these out of cardboard myself.
2. Cut yarn - slide scissors between circles and cut (I'd just like to point out that I took this photo with my knee... yup, amazing!)
3. Take length of yarn and tie tightly around the cut yarn - in between circles
4. Taadaa - Pompom! You may need to fluff it up a little by rolling it around between your palms
5. (I forgot to number it - it's the last one for those that didn't get that...) Glue on some felt beaks (well, one), eyes and footsies. And then go awww coz it's too darn cute!


  1. Your little owl is adorable and thank you for sharing the tutorial. I'm already planning my decorations for Hallowe'en and I've just decided that this year's theme will be owls. I'll start making pompon owls this week in various sizes and colours for the Hallowe'en tree and a few more to add to a wreath for the door. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. It looks sooo cute! Also I cut my maker thingy out of cardboard too.