Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 20: Shirt Skirt

Yeow. Today our car caught on fire. Everyone is ok. The car is ok. The battery melted and now we have a new one (battery that is). It was kind of scary....!

So for my creative task today I made a skirt from one of Mr Peck's old shirts. Pretty happy with it, the waistband just doesn't sit flat... grrr, always something!!!

But now I have a new skirt and it didn't cost me a cent.. .so that's pretty cool!

Apology for the photos.. it's dark and cold and  yeh.. .hehe I'll try and get some better ones later.

EDIT: Somehow, I got my numbering all out! hehehe this used to be day 18 - it's now day 20, the correct day :)

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