Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 8: Yarnbombing

Well, I hope you came back to see what yesterday's creation is!
It wasn't really all yesterday's work but we'll pretend it was ok?! 
So for the last semester I have been furiously knitting (in the spare moments I got) and working toward something big. ... .... . 

Problem #1: I didn't actually have that much time because I did 4 subjects plus work for another which is happening in the holidays (an art tour to USA)

Problem #2: This work was for a subject that was only half practical and the other half was theory (I wrote a 3500 word paper) so I didn't realise I wouldn't have heaps of time.

Problem #3: I started a Master of Arts this semester and that took more time.

Conclusion: Don't try and knit something huge when you have less time than you think!

So, I ended up with a whole heaps less knitting that I would have liked... But here are the results. I am generally happy with how it turned out, just would have loved to have done more!

{Photos by Mr Peck - Flashbox Creative! }

PS: I'm pretty sure my Superdry beanie is the bomb :)

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