Monday, June 13, 2011

Look at Me... deer!

Hello. Today was one of those days where I actually got out of bed, put on something that looked nice (rather than grey tracksuit pants and a grey oversized jumper from my dad and unmatching green and blue explorer socks - yes, really) and I did my hair too. Which is unusual at the moment because who feels like going out when its raining and cold? Not me!!

So here's what I wore today (it's the top I bought on Sunday), I didn't quite make it to getting makeup on because I was only going to the grocery store (do people put on makeup just for that? Maybe I'm not really a girl?!) and to college for a few minutes. Please excuse the milk crate furniture, it's all we can afford (no, really  - the rest of our furniture is like hand me downs from various family members... one day we will be able to afford some cool stuff,.. one day!)

Top - Jeans West $30, Tights - Voodoo, Boots - Windsor and Smith $80, Hair Clip - Lilly Pilly, Bag - Fossil

I also got the latest Realliving magazine in the mail, yipeee! Can't wait to look through that one. And I found a cute idea for my 30 Days of Creativity thingy bob for today, so look forward to that!

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