Saturday, July 2, 2011


Still alive.
Thanks for the suggestions from a few of you :)

Not much to report. Been busy visiting art galleries and museums and walking around a lot, catching the subway, shopping, walking some more, and eating a lot.

Some things I have realised about this place - cheap clothes and cheap food... and lots and lots of tourists.

I have to say I like Chicago a lot more than NY. Nothing terrible about NY, just a lot of people and noise and horn tooting hehe... But Chicago has some amazing architecture, feels a lot cleaner, the lakefront is very pretty and overall seems like a more livable city.

Also, I understand how all you American girls get away with having so many cool clothes - the clothes are cheap here compared to Australia! And the food is cheap too. Something you get here for $10 you would get for $15-20 in Aus. So.. it's interesting. And also means that I've bought quite a few clothes here :)

Another thing, I don't know if this is everywhere in USA or just here, but the shops are crazzzy big! Seriously unheard of to have a multilevel shop in Aus unless it's a department store, but here it seems very common!

Overall, I quite like the bits of USA that I've seen and would love to see more, especially different states and less touristy places.

Still no photos... :( Have to wait til I get back to edit them all!

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