Saturday, July 30, 2011

what we wore.

Today was such a nice day... Once again, I was able to get away without wearing a jumper or cardigan (but I did wear a scarf and a thermal undershirt hehe)

So after church today (and yep, we go to church on Saturday :) I decided, outfit pictures taking time! And today, Mr Peck joined in (I'm not sure he realised he was gunna feature, but shhhhhhh!)

awkward twirling pose.... I need to work on my poses....!!  
Skirt - Cue (it has pockets... awesome :), shirt (it's actually blue with a fine pin stripe) - jeans west, scarf - David Jones, shoes - Wittner

Not sure my shoes worked.. but I tried my black boots.. they were ok, but the skirt is a dark chocolate brown and it kind of clashed. These shoes are actually my wedding shoes :) Aaand, my hair is at such an awkward length :( It was so nice when it was first done but now I can't decide if I want to grow it or keep it short... so it's in between and highly annoying ... . . .. . .

See Mr Peck's awesome hair do? I did that hehe .. hehe. .. yup. He used to have a mohawk, which I also did. It got a little bit long and fluffy (he has curly hair which is a little annoying) so I made it into this slightly wog looking do.. fun! I think I should be a hair dresser... yup ... 

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