Monday, July 11, 2011

Cool news bloggeroonies

I got featured on the DailyCraft Facebook page which I find a little bit exciting because, really... my blog is not huge! So there's that!

Which brings me to my next point. I'm a little bit sad I missed out on the last days on my 30 Days of Creativity challenge because of being away and I did say I was going to have a giveaway of the things I created... So I think I will try and get some more creations done to make up for what I missed and then put them up for grabs!

I have found that my crafty posts have been quite popular, especially my friendship bracelet! Also, putting my creations up on Craftgawker has brought a lot of viewers, the first time I have ever seen my page views up in the 1000s.. so if you're looking for some more viewers - definitely give that a try!

So, over the next few days keep a look out for my newest creations (I'm thinking handmade journals, paper cutouts, handmade stamps and some photography) and then a giveaway (probably next week some time!)

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