Thursday, March 22, 2012

All full up!

Hello. I love Fill in the blanks from the little things we do. It's a fun little exercise for a Friday afternoon when you've been coding all day and going a little crazy in the head from looking at too many things that look like

< div id = "this" >< p>Hello... I am crazy< /p>< /div >

1. My favorite color is a toss up between yellow and coral.

2. My home decor color palette includes some red for the lounge room, some yellow for the kitchen and a some greens and pastels in the bedroom.. I'm working on being more consistent with colour palette when I choose things too buy! I wish I had white walls, but I can't do much because we are renting......

3. Other people always tell me I look good in the color anything bright. But not too bright... I don't know, has to be the right tone..

4. The color I detest is is baby pink. mostly. And I'm not much into brown either.

5. If you were to look in my closet most of the colors you'd see would be bright colour! Yay... and a lot of greys too. I went through a stage of wanting everything grey. Now I am trying to add colour into it and I'm doing pretty well! I have pants in green, yellow and blue (I still need some red!) and tops in a few different colours, definitely need more still! Would love to get a bright coat for this winter :)

6. A color that I simply cannot pull off no matter how hard I try is fluro and pastel I think. I am pale and both wash me out too much... I can do pastel on the bottom, but not the top....

7. The color of my favorite dress is ummmmm... I don't really have a favourite dress :( I want to buy more pretty dresses because I mostly live in pants during the week and on the weekends skirts. But I love dresses, I just struggle with the length because I am pretty tall and most clothes I find are made for shorter girls....


  1. Your apartment/house sounds very colourful and fun - ours is kind of boring with all the coffee and cream colours (And a bit of green but that wasn't our choice!!)

    My friend Shannie is quite tall and also struggles to find dresses with the right length

  2. i like colours, so I try to surround myself with it :) It makes me happy... But sometimes I wish I was a bit more restrained! Coffee and cream sounds nice and relaxing and calm!

  3. pastels ARE so hard to pull of... but I try every now & then :)