Monday, October 3, 2011

Tour of a House: Easy DIY decorating

Today I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite elements from our house, and some easy ways to decorate a rental house.

Our house is definitely still a work in progress. We have limited budget and are renting so it's no where near what I wish it was, but it is a house and it is a pretty good one. So, I'm content!

This is a recent little project that I'm half way through. I've been wanting to do it for ages and I finally did it! I knitted socks for my table! hehe. I've seen the dip painted tables (and other things) and love the look. But I also love knitting and have been wanting to incorporate it more into the house. Very simple but cute and adds a splash of colour to the table. The kitchen/dining colour theme is yellow (and leads to the lounge with splashes of red)

I got these books for free from our college library. Every so often they have a book sale and then give away the ones they can't sell. I particularly like the one entitled "How Gertrude Teaches her Children"!  It is a cute way to decorate. The little moose came from Europe somewhere, gift from my mum. Also note pompom (very fun and easy way to add pops of colour) and min mini owl - from Tasmania.  (The lounge is colour-themed red - if you can't tell!) 

Then, there is the massive bean bag I got from ebay (as a gift for Mr Peck) which took Mr Peck and I about 3 hours to fill. It took 6 x 100L bags of beans and was horribly annoying to fill because it has segments and you have to get your arms in the bag to move the beans around constantly to let the others in!! Phew. We did it though, and only ended up with about 1/2 a bag of beans on the floor! Also note the milk crates... budget furniture at it's best!

And this is also another of my recent projects. I am drawing sayings to fill one wall in our lounge room. These are the 4 I have so far (the first resides in the bedroom) and I have ideas for about 8 more. They are just pen and gouache on cartridge paper bluetacked to the wall. If this were our house, I would probably get them frames and make a whole heap of holes in the wall to hang them. But it's not. So bluetac and my DIY washi tape to the rescue!

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