Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 5 Design & Fashion Trends of 2011

I've been working on my portfolio. It's a slow but steady process. I'm looking for work. While that's been happening, of course I've been searching for inspiration.. looking at the trends, I thought I'd put together a little list for you.

In no particular order, the Top 5 Design & Fashion Trends that I'm noticing right now are:

Numero Uno.
[number one]

Been around for a while, still in, and honestly I don't think it will leave for a while. There's nothing better than a lovely piece of minimal design (or clothing for that matter). 

Key Idea: Lots of white space, simple typography and limited colour palette

Exhibit A.

Number 2..

This has also been around for a while but is defiantly up there in the design world. I am especially loving the use of textured background in illustrations and webdesign.

Key Idea: Any type of texture - paper, concrete, material - you name it, we want it!

Exhibit B.

Number Three..

Bold Colour
Colour blocking, monochromatic, the bolder the better. That's where it's at. 
Talking fashion - blue & yellow together. Wouldn't think it, but it works.

But if those brights don't work for you, pale and neutral is coming in strong as well.

Key Idea: Red on Pink, Blue on Yellow. Bold & Bright! Or tone it right down with neutral beiges, dusty pinks or shades of grey.

Exhibit C.


Big & Tight
Put those magnifying glasses down and step back. The bigger the better - from big titles and icon to chunky knits and oversize sweaters.  2011 is loving super sizing. But not only big, tight as well. This doesn't really fit with the fashion side, but tightening up kerning (that's the space between the letters) is a big hit this year.

Key Idea: Make everything 3 sizes too big! And tighten up those letters.

Exhibit D.


Yep, we all know it. Handmade is the bomb! But not only is handmade killing it on the fashion side, it's totally dominating design as well.  Anything looking handmade from stitched to illustrated, scrapbooked to water coloured... It all works and we all love it.

Key Idea: Make it. Then scan it. 

Exhibit E.

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