Thursday, October 13, 2011

The. List.

I just added a page.
It is a List.
A list of 50 things I want to do. Well, 50 until I think of more.
I haven't given myself a time frame because some of the things are not achievable in the near future.
Some are.
I wish there were more things that were achievable right now, but there aren't!
Most of them require a lot of hard work and some time.
But it's actually quite a good activity to do. Helps you get some perspective on exactly where you want to be as opposed to where you are.

And... to give myself something achievable to do right now, here is my Friday to do list:

  1. Clean the house 
    • Kitchen = wash dishes
    • Bedroom = fold clothes & put away
    • Bathroom = scrub everything
    • General = Vacuum 
  2. Work 
    • Banners
    • Website
    • Logo, Business cards & Bookmarks
  3. College
    • Knit
I'm not sure I will get through all of that but I will start by turning off the computer. And by turning off, I don't just mean stepping away from it, I mean powering down. ... Removing temptation..... .

Maybe I should do this:

PS. I'm excited to say, I've got my first guest poster lined up!!! Yay! Stay tuned for that one :)

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