Saturday, August 13, 2011

my brand.

Do you guys have a brand that you swear by for body & face care products? I never have. I always steered towards Clean&Clear because it worked well enough for me in my teens. I tried a few others like Neutrogena but it reacts with my skin. I never want to pay a lot either and usually get whatever is on sale or cheapest at the supermarket....! I'm a stinge, I'll admit it! 

But lately my skin has changed. It's becoming difficult! Maybe it's age, I'm not sure... Winter probably doesn't help either.  I have started to get dry skin on my face and a super sensitive scalp (and a few wrinkles!!) Noooooo! It's really annoying and for someone who never pays much attention or money to beauty products it's been a long winter searching for something that works. Add to that my new found fear of chemicals like Sulphates (which are found in de-greasers), Parabens (which apparently cause cancer!!!!) and other fun things like that.

I haven't found a favourite face moisteriser and cleanser yet (but I have some options to try - keep reading)... which is unfortunate because my face is so dry, no matter what I put on it :( ... but I think I have found a shampoo that is gentle enough but works, annnd that is free from all that yucky stuff. 

Enter Sukin. I was first introduced to the brand earlier this year when I won some hand cream from my friend over at Like A Vegan. It is excellent! It smells amazing, soaks in so well, doesn't leave you greasy (the worst in hand cream) and makes your hands so so soft.  I have been looking at the products on the website for a while but because they don't sell from their website, I've never gotten any further. 

But on Thursday we went to the shops and we found this amazing little shop full of organic products and super cute baby toys and other things. And they had a whole Sukin section. I think Sukin can also be found in David Jones and Myer but this is the first time I'd seen it in a shop, so I was excited :) 

I bought the Protein Shampoo and really like it! Just like the hand cream, it smells great. It doesn't lather into a huge frothy mass (which I usually like) but I actually think I like this better, knowing that what makes the lather is chemicals! It doesn't hurt my scalp (I've used it twice now and my head hasn't been itchy yet) and when my hair dries - soft and manageable. I only got the shampoo this time because I find with my short hair I don't really need conditioner. It was semi expensive at $12.95 for 500ml but so so worth it (and not a bad price to pay for organic shampoo that works)

Now I want to get all the products! Face moisteriser, Face scrub, lip cream, Night cream, Wrinkle cream.. And when I do, hopefully I can say that I have found a favourite in them as well.

So, I'm excited to say - I've finally found my brand! At least in shampoo for now!

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