Wednesday, August 10, 2011

moving & shaking... sans the shaking

Man, I have been trying to make this post for hmm... about a week now but having no internet makes it a bit hard.. and to make it worse, college internet doesn't let me post?! Grr annoying!

Right now I am in Melbourne on a surprise visit to Mr Peck's family.  Ahh I love surprising people :) So fun!

So, we've officially moved into our new place. We finnnnallly moved all those last little bits of stuff that you have absolutely no idea what to do with, use them occassionally, but not enough to have a place for. We finnnnallly cleaned the old place, and we have allllllmost found a place for everything in our new house.

We even took a trip to IKEA yesterday and got a few pieces that make the place look pretty orgaised and nice :) Yay!

Annnyway.. so here is the last few days according to our phones...

A surprisingly delicious baked potato mexican style - lunch when we went to Ikea (It tasted soooo much better than it looks. Probably the best potato I've ever had!!)

I don't know why this loaded on the side? It is normal way up everywhere else hehe.
Anyway, this is beginning of setting up our Ikea purchases... The part before it got annoying and we were excited ;)

Annnd, that would be my first video appearance on here... true blue aussie style. It was after during a walk near our house... Yup... I haven't really watched it back before posting, so I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate and I'm sure it's embarrassing. I just felt showing you a video ;)

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