Wednesday, February 8, 2012

home sweet home.

Yes, that's right... I'm finally home! Yay! Oh the joy. It feels kind of weird. Like I'm on holidays now... although that's starting to wear off now with the realisation that I have to cook tea each night, and the house needs cleaning, and all the suitcases need unpacking, and there's lots of washing to be done, and I have to find a job, and ... the list goes on ..

The jet lag hasn't been too bad and I only woke up at 4am the first morning. I've been keeping pretty busy with trips to the doctor for Mr Peck's knee (he injured it while snowboarding) and trying to add more to my portfolio. It's slowly getting there... 

Here's a little something I designed for Valentine's Day.... 

I've got a few projects planned for Valentine's Day, but because Mr Peck reads this blog, and I want to surprise him, you guys will have to wait! hehe. I'm pretty excited about it though.. 

Well, back to work I go.. just wanted to stop in and say hi :)

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